"Scott Lyons brings more than 31 years of skilled legal advocacy and representation and the experience of more than 3000 court cases to bear on your problems in a warm, cordial and comfortable environment. "

Family Law

Scott Lyons has worked in Family Law matters since he began his legal practice in 1982.  As such, he knows that divorce and child custody matters are some of the most painful points in a person’s life.   Family Law matters are rife with complex law that can impact the rest of your life negatively if you do not understand your rights and responsibilities.  You must not allow yourself to be taken advantage of when you are at your most vulnerable.  If you are contemplating divorce or trying to move for custody of your children, it is imperative that you seek an experienced attorney in order to understand your legal rights, and Scott Lyons has over three decades of legal experience in the field of family law to help you.

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